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57" Silver Taupe Fanfare Upholstery--DISCOUNT FABRIC--20 Yards

57" Silver Taupe Fanfare Upholstery--DISCOUNT FABRIC--20 Yards

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Fabric Model:UNY-FA20/20




  • Type of Fabric: 1st quality mid-weight jacquard upholstery fabric with a rubberized back (probably latex). No fiber content information available, but it is probably a cotton-synthetic (polyester or nylon) blend. Has a somewhat "hard" surface (is not plush like velvet or chenille).
  • Pattern/Color: Neutral stripe. The dark taupe stripe and the silver stripe are from somewhat heavy yarns with a little bit of a "fuzzy" feel (something like knitting yarn). There is also a thinner silver-taupe yarn. All of these stripes "skip" -- that is, they are not solid, but run for about a quarter inch then go under the ground fabric for the same length then come up for another stitch -- a look somewhat like when you do a running stitch by hand. The ground of the fabric is a tightly woven medium taupe. For color comparison, the crayon in the photo is "tumbleweed" from a box of 96 Crayolas.
  • Width: 57 inches wide including 1" selvages on both sides. As you look at photo, selvages are to your right and left so the stripes run across the fabric.
  • Durability/Weight: Mid-weight jacquard upholstery fabric (about 12 oz./square yard) with a rubberized back. Provides very good durability.