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Creamy Beige 118" Wide  Embroidered Batiste Fabric

Creamy Beige 118" Wide Embroidered Batiste Fabric

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Fabric Model:SHW-CEB9


  • Color: Creamy Beige. Fabric is shown with Crayola's "White" and "Tumbleweed" crayons. Color is a beautiful light beige with hints of cream. To my eye it is not "yellow" enough to be a true cream - it has warmer, beige undertones rather than a true yellow. The color is closest to that of my white crayon but the fabric isn't white. The tumbleweed is also much too intense and is shown only for contrast. This is a lovely neutral that would work well in almost all decors - beige with a hint of cream.
  • Width: 116" wide plus 1" selveges on either side - the embroidery covers the center 108" of the fabric (there are about 3" plus the selvege on either side without embroidery).
  • Pattern Repeat: 4 3/8" vertical repeat; 6 3/8" horizontal reapeat. Each repeat is one of the elongated circles.
  • Embroidery: Elongated circle pattern is embroidered into the fabric (not printed on) and is visible from both sides; however, the embroidery is "finer" on the front of the fabric than on the reverse.
  • Hand: Soft hand and drapes well
  • Sheer: You can see objects through it and can distinguish details but not as sheer as our organza or voile fabrics.
  • Weight: Lightweight fabric - about 3 ounces per square (not running) yard.
  • Fiber Content: Fiber content was not marked on the rolls. At best estimation, it is probably a 100% poly or poly with just a little cotton. It has a different appearance than our 118" voile. A little more tightly woven and provides a little more coverage than our voile. May also be called a lightweight lawn.