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Valencia Beige & Ivory Damask Drapery Upolstery Fabric

Valencia Beige & Ivory Damask Drapery Upolstery Fabric

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SKU:  221

Fabric Model:  DJ-VAB9



  • Description: Elegant, Formal Damask Drapery or Upholstery Fabric featuring an acanthus leaf and floral pattern. The design swirls and repeats over the entire width of the fabric. The fabric is approximately 8 1/4 oz. per square (not running) yard. Suitable for draperies or for light to medium use upholstery projects. I would not recommend it for sofas, etc. that receive hard daily use (especially from children and pets) but it is well-constructed and tightly woven. Has a fairly firm hand - it can be crushed and gathered but has nice body.
  • Color: This is a beautiful ivory on creamy beige (or vice versa). In the lower photos, you can see the crayons - they are Crayola's "White", "Goldenrod" and "Gold". The fabric is really an ivory not white and a beige that leans cream or light gold. Both the goldenrod and gold crayons are much too intense in color. The beige is just a beautiful rich shade with undertones of the gold crayon - not a true gold but just a beautiful neutral shade.
  • Width: 55 3/4" wide less 1/2" selvages on either side so 54" - 55" wide without the selvages.
  • Pattern Repeat: 15" vertical repeat; 13 3/4" horizontal repeat.
  • Fiber Content: 51% polyester; 49% cotton.
  • Made in India.
  • Texture: The creme areas of the fabric are formed by a fine satin stitch having a very smooth feel. The light gold areas are in a plain stitch and are not quite as satiny or fine as the burgundy area.
  • Weight:  Mid-weight - about 8.25 oz. per square yard - suitable for either drapery or upholstery. Drapes nicely but probably should not be gathered tightly. Soft hand with some body.
  • Note:  Sample available.