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Good evening and we are posting the apron we blogged about yesterday.  We made up our pattern and you can do the same.  This is a very simple pattern and takes approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours depending on your sewing experience. 


For this project you will need:         1/3 yard of marbleized cotton blender dark red

                                                    1/3 yard of marbleized cotton blender black

                                                    3/4 yard of gingham black





To begin with, you need to make your pattern and you can choose to do it anyway that you want.  Remember that your apron will be cut on the fold so no need to do a wide pattern just a half.   We chose to round it but you can square it also.  We also used just a piece of newspaper to cut our pattern out.




We also made the patterns for the waistband design, ties, and pocket.




We first cut out the front of the apron.



Now the pocket.




Now the apron ties.  You will need to cut two on the fold.





And finally the waistband.




Now you will take your waistband piece and pin it to the front of the apron and sew it. 






Now take your pocket, press under 1/4" and sew along the top edge.  After you have done this, you will then position your pocket on the front of the apron and pin.  Now sew around the three sides.





Next take your apron and turn under 1/8" and then another 1/8" on the sides and bottom, pin and sew.






Now sew your tie ends.





Now you will turn under at the top of the waistband and sew it.







Now add the ties to each end and sew.




You now have an apron ready for wear and you made your own design.




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