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Baby Towel with Hood Cover

We are posting our new project for this week.  We are going to be making a baby towel with a hood cover.  The hood cover we chose is very simple and can be made different ways.  We chose one that is very simple and not complicated for a beginner sewer.  This will take about an hour and a half to do. 


For this project we needed the following:   7/8 yard of the purple terry cloth

                                                              1/3 yard of the white terry cloth





You will take the purple terry cloth and cut a 2" piece off before you begin to pin.  You will pin each of the longer sides turning 1/4" and then another 1/4".




After you have done this, then you will sew along each side.




You will now take the white piece of terry cloth and cut a 12" square.




Now take your white piece and make it a triangle with the wrong sides together.




Take the 2" strip that you cut off of the purple and you will pin this along the sides of the white triangle piece.




Sew along the edge and remember to put the proper color of thread for the top and for the bobbin.  In this case you would have the purple on the top and have white in your bobbin.




Now you will take the purple and fold under 1/4" and then turn it over to the back side.




Stitch this along the edge now.




You are ready to attach it to the purple towel so pin it to the front of the towel.  You will sew this now but remember to use the correct colors of thread.  In this case, the white is now on the top and the bobbin is the purple.




Next turn it over and sew the purple along the edge to give it is a nice finish.  You will also trim the corner edges of the purple and sew them to the towel on the back side.




You have a very simple baby towel with a little hood to come over and keep your child warm until you get their pajamas or clothes on.  As you continue during the week, we will give you other suggestions on how to make a different hood.


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