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Beach Towel

Here it is Wednesday already and time to post our new project.  We chose to do a beach towel using terry cloth.  This is a very simple project and should take no more than an hour. 


To begin you will need the following:   2 1/3 yards of terry cloth

                                                        2 3/4 yards of ribbon





Next you will take and turn 1/4" and then another 1/4" and pin. 




Now you are ready to sew.




We only did the shorter ends.  The longer ends are already finished from the manufacturer and so you do not need to do them unless you do not like the look.




Next you will measure for your ribbon and pin this in place.  We chose to do 3 1/4" down from the edge.




Next you will sew along the one edge of the ribbon.




Now you will do the other edge of the ribbon, in this case the striped side.




Now you will repeat for the other side.  If you have a specific pattern such as we did, make sure your ribbon is sewed on the same.  For the one we chose, the blue would be to the edge and the red stripe to the inside of the towel.


You now have a beach towel for those times you want to go swimming or just to hang out at the beach and enjoy the sunshine.




Have a great evening.

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