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Braided Fleece Blanket

Good evening and hope you have taken the time to check out our latest project.  We gave you another idea on how to use the fleece to make a different style blanket.  The braid gives it another look which is really neat.  This blanket does require a little bit of sewing but not much.  The majority of the time spent in making this blanket is the braiding of it.   It is not hard but a little time consuming.  The bigger you make it, the longer it will take to braid.  When braiding you have to remember to feed the loop in the right hand into the loop of the left hand.   Once you get the hang of it, you will breeze through it. 


This is just another style of fleece blanket and is great for babies all the way to adults.  In-Weave in Hawarden, Iowa, carries a nice selection of fleece.  Be sure to stop in and check out what they have.  As we said before, you can certainly use two plain colors or even stick with just one instead of a print and plain.  It is what you want to do.  The fleece still is very popular for blankets and is so very soft and warm.  Be sure to make yourself one. 

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