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Braided Fleece Blanket

Good evening.  Today we are posting a new project and we have chosen to do a braided fleece blanket.  This is another way of making a blanket out of the fleece rather than tying it or using a different fabric with the fleece.  This braided fleece blanket requires a little bit of sewing but not much.


For this project you will need:          1 2/3 yards of patterned fleece

                                                     1 2/3 yards of plain fleece





You will begin by putting wrong sides together and you will square them off.  After you have done this, then pin randomly throughout the fabric to keep it in place.  Next you will cut a 3" square from each corner out of both pieces of fleece.




After this step, you will then cut off 3" from the top fabric only.   DO NOT CUT THE BOTTOM PIECE ONLY THE TOP.  In this case, it would be the duck pattern.




Fold in half on the 3" piece (this would be the yellow piece of fleece) slightly overlapping the top layer and pin.  Pin all four sides.




Using a zigzag stitch, sew around all four sides making sure you catch both layers.




After you have sewn all four sides, then you will cut 1/2" tab widths, making sure not to cut into the zigzag stitches.  Remove all pins.




Starting at a corner, take one loop in the left hand and the next loop in the right hand.  Feed the right hand loop into the left hand loop.  You will repeat this until you are all the way around the blanket. 





As you go a little ways, it will begin to look like a braid.




After you have gone all the way around, you will take the last loop and tuck it into the first braid.




Take a needle and thread and tack it to the first braid to secure it.




You are now finished and have a braided fleece blanket.


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