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Cell Phone Pouch

Good evening everyone.  Hope your day has been a great and successful one.  We have been blogging on the cell phone pouch.  This pouch helps to protect your cell phone from getting scratched and you can even use it for charging if you have a place in your vehicle to hang it on to.  This is much nicer than having it lay on the floor, for example.  We used the pre-quilted cotton fabric with a flannel lining but you may certainly use any fabric that you like.  Be sure that it is soft so it does not scratch your cell phone. 


As we said before, if you just want to make it as a pouch only, you would omit the poly webbing and you would not need to cut an opening at the bottom of the pouch.  It is up to you what you want.  Have a great evening and we will be back tomorrow. 

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