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Cell Phone Pouch

Good evening.  We posted our project yesterday for a cell phone pouch.  We made this so you could also use it when charging your phone.  If you prefer, you can omit that step and just have a cell phone pouch to keep your phone from getting scratched.  You would probably want to omit the step of the poly webbing as well.  You could take your poly webbing and put the Velcro on the pink gingham to keep your phone from slipping out.  That would be a possibility as well.   There are many different options that you can go to with this project.  Rather than using a flannel on the inside, you could also omit this step by using a pre-quilted fabric that is double sided.  This would be another option.


This project takes approximately 1 1/2 hours depending on your sewing experience.  If you change what we have shown you and omit some of the steps, it would take less time.  Sew this to fit your needs.  Have a great weekend and we will be back on Monday.

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