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Cell Phone Pouch

What a beautiful day it has turned out to be and we are posting a new project today.  We are doing a cell phone pouch that you can use to protect your phone or use for charging. 


For this project you will need the following:      1/4 yard of Pre-Quilted Pink Gingham

                                                                    1/4 yard of 100% Cotton Flannel - Pink Tones

                                                                    1/4 yard of White Poly Webbing

                                                                    1/4 yard of White Velcro





You will now measure your phone so you can cut your pieces accordingly.  We used a Samsung Note 5 to do this project.




Next you will pin right sides together and sew leaving one of the small edges open.  Do this with both pieces.






Take your pieces with right sides together and pin and sew around the edge leaving approximately a 3" opening so that you can invert.  You will also sew your poly webbing in at this time.






After you have done this step, then invert the fabric.




Now you will take the flannel and put it inside and then top stitch all the way around the top.




Now take the poly webbing and cut off the desired length that you want.  We left our piece approximately 5" in length.  You will then sew on the Velcro to the poly webbing.



Now carefully cut a slit at the bottom through the gingham and flannel.  This will allow you to be able to charge your phone while it is in the pouch.  You will slip stitch around the opening turning the fabric in so that it has a nice finished edge.   We stitched around it twice to secure it better.




You now have a cell phone pouch that you can use to protect your phone and also if you need to charge it.  If you have the ability to hang it in your car, you can do this to charge your phone.




Have a great evening and we will be back tomorrow.

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