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Good day to all of you.  This is the last day of our project on the upholstered chair.  We are now to the point where we are ready to finish the last few steps.  It is always nice to finish off the underneath part to give it a nice clean look.  We took black burlap and tacked this on the bottom.  There are other fabrics that you can use but we suggest that you use something lightweight.  You do not want it to be heavy or it will sag.




After you finish this step, you now have a beautiful chair for many more years of use.



We hope you have been inspired to try your hand at upholstering a piece of furniture.  Remember that if you are new to this, maybe you want to start with something small to get a hand on what it entails.  It is not hard to do but depending on what you are working on, it can be time consuming.  What is most important is that you maintain your patience in working on it.  This is the key.


Another thing to remember is that even though we showed you the steps in doing this chair, your project may require steps to be a little different.  The basis is the same but some areas can be different.  If you are unsure, take the time to study all before you cut your fabric.  Be confident and enjoy trying something new.

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