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Good evening to you.  We are ready for the next step in recovering our chair.  Now that the bottom part is finished, it's time to start on the top.  The first thing to do is cut out your pattern from the old upholstery.   Do remember that if you add extra stuffing you made need to make it a little larger.  You can always cut away the excess. 


For our chair, we had the front piece and the back piece.




After checking out our chair, we decided to add some extra stuffing as the old straw batting that was used was in need of some extra cushion.  We used the quilt batting and just folded it and put it under the straw batting.



If you look at the picture of the front panel, we did cut it a little larger as our batting added extra thickness.  Now it does become a little tricky as we did not cut out the opening where the arms on our chair were.  We felt that the upholstery fabric was not that thick and all we did was trim off some excess at the bottom. 


You are going to position your piece of fabric and start tacking just like you did for the seat.



After we finished all four sides, we then tackled where the arm rests were.  We cut away some of the excess, then folded under, came around the side and tacked.  If you are doing a project, yours may be different.  Every piece of old furniture or new for that matter, is done differently.  You need to take it apart and see how yours is.  We also changed our pattern a bit as we said before.  We did not cut out where the arm rests were.






After you have tackled the corners, you would then go ahead and pound all the tacks in so you have a nice edge.  Trim away any large excess of fabric.




Now it is time to put the back on.   We did not put stuffing on the back as this part is not sat against.  Take your fabric and center it and then tack all around.



After you have it positioned, then pound in your tacks so they do not stick out.  One thing that you could do would be to use a decorative nail to give it another look.



We will be back tomorrow to finish us this chair.  We are almost there.

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