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Good evening to all and we are ready to continue with finishing up the seat of the chair.  If you have been following along, yesterday we got the foam and fabric put on.  Now it is time to tackle the corners.  This is probably the most difficult part as it can be tricky.  One thing to remember is that take your time.  "Patience is a virtue" as the saying goes.  Don't rush or you will not be happy with the result.


As you will see, it is difficult to show you but we will do our best to explain the steps to you. To begin, you are going to cut a notch right in the corner where the fabric will go straight down by the leg. 



After doing this, you will then pull the fabric down and tuck under the cotton batting.  Then take the fabric and fold under as you see in this picture.



Next take the fabric and fold under the long edge making sure it is flat and you have no bulges in it. 


Tack it in place and it will look like this.  This picture shows you one of the back legs completed.



This picture shows you the front of the legs completed.



This can be a little frustrating so be sure you are patient when working on this.  Work with the fabric until you get the corner you are wanting to achieve.  If you have too much fabric on the sides, do not be afraid, at this point, to trim some of it off.  Do a little at a time and be sure as it can be difficult to put it back on. 


Here is what you want to achieve. 



Once you have it the way you want it to look, take your piece and turn it upside down.  This is where you will now hammer those tacks in all the way.


If you have excess fabric underneath, be sure to trim some of it away as we did.  You are almost finished with the seat.  Finishing the underneath part of the chair will be the last thing we do. 


Next will be the top part of the chair and we will continue with that tomorrow. 

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