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Good evening and sorry we did not get back to our project until now.  We have finally got the foam and are ready for the next steps to get the seat of the chair finished.


We chose to go with the 2" foam as this was the best for our chair.  You many need less or more.  It depends on how much depth you need.  We measured the foam and cut it to size.



To give our chair a nice complete look we also put a cotton batting over the entire piece of foam.  The batting will stick to the foam to also give it a clean look.



Next, we cut out the fabric following the old pattern that was originally on the chair plus added fabric as we did not know what the original stuffing of the chair actually had in it.  The old straw like material had lost of lot of its fluff so we wanted to have a nice cushion.  Depending on what you have, this is where you will need to make a choice.  We did not need to put the old back in but we felt it gave something to the age of the chair.  At the same time, we knew that we needed to add more as well.  Therefore, we cut out our pattern larger to give us that extra depth that we added.  Remember that it is always easier to cut away than to add on.



After this step, we positioned the piece of fabric on the chair.  We started to tack it in place.  Just a few tacks on each side to begin so we could see what it would start to look like.  When you do this, DO NOT hammer your tacks all the way in.  This allows you to position your fabric but at the same time, if you need to do some adjustment you can easily pull out the tacks. 



After we got a couple sides temporarily tacked, we felt we still needed to add more stuffing.  Normally we like to wrap the batting around the foam, however, in this case, it added to much to the height and, therefore, did not give the chair a nice look.  Instead, we cut large strips of batting and folded it and then added it to each side.  Be sure if you choose to do this, that you use large pieces to wrap around the corners so you have a complete and full rounded edge.  The batting sticks to the foam and you will tuck the cotton batting under to give it a complete finished look. 





As you can see, it has given it a nice rounded edge and doesn't look choppy or like you forgot to put the stuffing in.  Now continue with tacking the fabric all around



We will be back tomorrow to finish the corners.

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