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Good evening to all and here we are again to continue with our project.  We have now repaired the strings and replaced the burlap, and so we are ready for our next step.  This would be putting the cushion part back on the chair.  This particular chair had a straw like material as the cushion.   We put this back on the chair, however, if you notice it still tends to dip in the middle.  This means that we are going to have to put something else with this to give it some support.  Guess we will be making a trip to In-Weave to get some upholstery foam and batting.  So we will not be able to finish this step tonight until we do that. 


This is where you run into this type of problem.  It can be difficult to know how it will turn out until you get to this point.  Since the strings were broken, we thought that maybe we could get buy with just fixing the strings and using the old straw like batting yet.  However, we feel that it still needs more cushion to make it comfortable.


Sorry for the delay.  We will be back tomorrow to finish up this step. 

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