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Good evening and we are ready to continue on with our project.  Now that we have taken everything apart, painted our chair and repaired the springs, it is time to move on to the next step.  This would be replacing the burlap in our case.  The burlap that was on there was in bad shape.  Since burlap is inexpensive, we are replacing it so that our project has a fresh look again.  


You are going to take the old piece that you removed and cut a piece by adding extra around.  Be sure to check out the old piece to see how they had it originally.  This will help you as a guide.


As you can see, our burlap piece had extra and was folded upwards.  We believe this was done to give a nice finish underneath so that it did not look sloppy.  We are going to do the same even though we will be putting a nice piece later on to complete it. 


You are going to start by centering your piece of burlap on the chair and begin on one side.  Fold it and start by putting your tacks in.   We did the front and then the back leaving the corners for last.  Then do each of the sides.  When doing your corners, you will just square them off.  It is easier than you think.  Play around with it a little until you get it the way you want it.  Place each tack approximately every 2 inches or so. We had metal bars on this chair so we had to work around them.  Each piece of furniture will be different. 


Here we have our piece finished and ready for the next step.



We will continue tomorrow on the next part.  Have a great evening.

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