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Good evening and we are back.  If you are following along, by now you should have taken out all the staples or tacks so you have a clean look to your project.  Do not leave the old staples or tacks in as it will interfere when you are ready to put your new upholstery on. 


We are at this point now where we had to decide if we were going to refinish, paint, or leave our project as is.  We decided to give it a coat of paint.



This is how it now looks after we gave it a nice coat of new paint.  Looks like a new piece of furniture, don't you think?



So now we are ready to tackle the springs.  In this particular project, we are going to keep the original springs as they are still in good shape.  However, the string that binds them together for support needs to be repaired.


Here you can see the string has too much give.



Also as you can see in our next picture, the string is broken so there is no support.



Now it is time to tackle and restring the springs so the support is good.  If you are unsure, check each one out.  If there is a lot of give, then you need to tighten it.  If the string is still good, just loosen one end and pull it taught and then tack it back down.  We used the same tacks that was originally there as they were good yet.  For those that were broken, just follow how it was done prior.  In this case, not all were broken so you just follow how it was done and secure each end.  We did do all the springs to give it support.  This step is very important if you do not want it to fall apart later.  This needs to be strong.  The rest is going to be, as they say, cosmetic. 


Here you can see what we have done.



We did not remove any of the old, but we did redo each one of them.  The only thing we did not do was the center as it was still strong.  You will need to judge on what condition yours is in if you have something like this that you are working on.  You may have something different, just make sure that it is secure.  Maybe you have a board, for example, and it is cracked or you feel it is not as strong as it should be.  Go ahead and replace it if that is the case.  This is important if it is the seat as that is the part of chair that is most important.  You are going to be sitting on it and it needs to have good support.


Tomorrow we will continue on to the next step.  Have a great evening.

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