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Curling/Flat Iron Travel Pouch

Wow!  Here it is Wednesday already and so we have a new project for you.   As women, we always like our personal belongings to be organized.  So we have made a travel pouch for the curling or flat iron that many of us use.  We made a very simple version so remember that you can alter it any way that you like.


For our project we needed the following:       1/4 yard of denim

                                                                 1/4 yard of cotton

                                                                 1/8 yard of Velcro (both sides)





Next you will measure your fabric to the size you need.  In our case, we needed a 6" x 29" piece of denim and cotton. 




You will now put right sides together and stitch along the sides and only one edge leaving the other edge open so you can invert your pouch.




After you have inverted your piece, you will pin it so the denim in on the outside and the cotton inside and then sew along the edge.  We did a 12" length for the pouch with a 5" flap.




Now you will take the flap and fold in 1/4" on the open edge and pin it.    




From here you will sew along that edge as close as you can.




All you have left is to sew on your Velcro strip.






You now have a travel pouch to put your curling or flat iron in.




You are ready to travel and take a nice vacation.




Have a great evening.

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