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Double Ice Pack Wrap

Wow, here it is Friday already.  For our project this week, we chose to do an ice pack wrap.  This is great as it helps to keep the cold ice pack from directly touching your skin.   The terry cloth is perfect for this as it not only works great but also has easy care instructions.  Remember that the size of your ice pack will determine how small or large you need to make it.  The terry cloth comes in a variety of colors and you can certainly personalize it.   If you do not want to put on the Velcro, you do not need to.  It's whatever way you choose to make it.  We just offer an idea but you create the final result of how you want it to be.  


Now you wonder what should we do with the rest of the terry cloth.  After we finished our double ice pack wrap, we had enough fabric left over to do a nice washcloth.   Nothing went to waste and it was so easy.  Isn't this great!


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