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Fabric Bag

Good evening and hope you all had a great weekend.  We have been talking about the fabric bag that was posted last Wednesday.  When you do not know what to do with that left over upholstery fabric you have stashed away, this is a great idea to use up that extra fabric.  There may be some upholstery fabrics that are not suitable, but the majority out there will work just fine.  If you prefer, you could us a denim or twill also.  It just needs to be durable to hold up for constant use. 


As for the cotton, you can use any pattern that fits your style.  The cotton works great as it is soft and easy to sew with.  You could add an additional pocket on the outside or inside if you want to.  For the inside, just use the extra cotton you have left and for the outside, use the extra upholstery fabric and line it with the cotton.  You can make your bag the way you want it.  Just another few ideas to ponder on.


Have a great evening.

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