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Fabric Bag

Good evening.  It is snowing!   As the first snow has arrived, it is always so pretty until comes the time to go out in the cold and clear sidewalks and driveways.  It is also a great time for us to get those sewing machines out and start sewing.  This week we have posted a fabric bag that can be used for any purpose you choose.


We chose upholstery for the outside but for the inside we chose a nice soft 100% cotton fabric.  This helps to finish off the bag and at the same time makes it look really nice.  If you are making this bag for someone special, pick a cotton that complements who you are making it for.  For example, if this is for a child, pick a pattern that they have an interest in like bugs, hot wheels, space, airplanes, dolls, clouds, stars, etc.  This makes it extra special for them.


This may appear to be difficult when you just take a glance at it but it is not.  It takes approximately an hour to make and you have a nice bag to use.  Since it looks like winter, start working on those sewing projects.  Have a great weekend. 

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