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Fabric Bag

Good evening.  Here it is Wednesday and we are ready to post another project.  Today we are going to show you how to make a fabric bag.  A bag that you can use for just about anything. 


For this project you will need:       1/2 yard of an Upholstery Fabric

                                                  1/2 yard of a Cotton Print Fabric

                                                  1 yard of Poly Webbing





We chose to do an 18" x 18" bag and cut our fabric as such making sure you have the fold on the bottom.




You will take each piece of fabric and even it out. 




If your cotton piece needs pressing, make sure to do it at this point.




You will fold in approximately 2 1/2" to the inside on the bottom where the fold is and pin each side.



Pin each side of your upholstery fabric.




Now you will take and sew each side. 




Next you will take your cotton print and so the same step with the 2 1/2" fold and pin.






Now sew each side of your cotton print and invert your cotton print when finished.




Now take your poly webbing and measure your handles.  We chose to take 1/2 yard for each handle since this was an 18" x 18" bag.  You will pin your poly webbing on the right side with the handle inside your bag.  We positioned each handle 4" in from each side. 




Now take your cotton piece that you have inverted and insert inside the bag.  This puts right sides together.




Now take your cotton piece and upholstery piece and pin making sure to keep your handles between them.




Next you will sew all around the bag leaving approximately a 3" to 4" opening.  Be careful not to catch your handles when sewing.




After this step, take your bag and invert through the 4" opening.




Take the cotton piece of fabric and push it inside the bag.   Pin all around the top edge of your bag making sure to pin the opened selvedge edge.  You will not need to slip stitch or hand baste as you are going top stitch all around the top edge approximately 1/8".




Now sew all around the edge of the bag.




You have now completed your fabric bag and it should look like this.




Your bag is ready for use for whatever you want to use it for.


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