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Fitted Bed Sheet

Good evening and hope you have all had a great day.  We posted our project yesterday which is the fitted bed sheet.  This takes a little longer to do than the flat bed sheet as it is a little more complicated.  It will take approximately 2 hours to do this project.  Remember that you need to measure the depth of your mattress to know how much you need to cut out of each corner.  Nowadays the mattresses are deeper in depth than what they used to be.  If you have a mattress that isn't as deep, then you will not need to cut out as much. 


Also remember that when you sew each corner, they end up being opposite of each other.  This way when you put them together and turn over, they are in the correct sequence and it creates a nice finished edge.  This step is a little more complicated but once you have done one corner, the rest will come with ease and better understanding.  Have a great weekend and we will be back next week.

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