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Fitted Bed Sheet

Good evening.  We are ready to post our project so lets begin.  We are doing the fitted bed sheet that compliments the flat sheet done last week.


For this project you will need:       2 7/8 yards of percale sheeting (Queen size)

                                                  Elastic (Approximately 5 yards)





Sorry, just realized we forgot to add the elastic in our picture.  You will measure your sheet and cut off what you do not need.  In our case, length was good with the 2 7/8 yards but we needed to lessen the width and cut off 16".  After you have finished this step, you will then take a 12" piece out of each corner as shown here.  This may vary depending on the depth of your mattress.  You may need to adjust if your mattress depth is more or less.




The next few following steps become a little more complicated but you can do it.  You will take your corner and turn over 1/4" to the right side of the fabric and sew tapering it to the rounded part.




Now you will go the other direction and turn 1/4" over to the wrong side and sew tapering it to the rounded part.




Now you will turn another 1/4" over and sew to the rounded part.




Do this with the other side again as well.  It will look like this when you have done both.  As you can see, they are facing now in the same direction after you have done these two steps.




You will then put right sides together and fold it over creating a nice complete finish.  You will fold it all the way and your rounded corner will fold under.  Pin and sew.







After you have done this, it will look like this on the right side.




The next step is to take your elastic and zigzag it to the wrong side of the sheeting.  Gently pull the elastic a little tighter when sewing it to the percale sheeting.  This does not have to be perfect but make sure you stay close to the edge.






Now you will turn it over 1/4" and then over again another 1/4" to give it a finished look and sew.




And here we have a completed fitted bed sheet.


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