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Here it is Tuesday already and almost time for us to post something new.   As for the footstool, we hope you found yourself a small piece of old furniture like we did so you could try your hand at upholstering.   Nowadays we tend to just throw things away thinking that buying something new is easier.  That may be but it is not necessarily better.  Sometimes the older furniture is more sturdy and has a lot of use left in it.  It just needs a face lift.  That's where you come in.  Getting some upholstery and redoing it can give it new life. 


As for the upholstery, remember there are many different types of fabric you can use such as ultra leather, chenille, tapestry, jacquard and micro-suede.  Remember that you do not have to travel far to find a huge selection of upholstery.  In-Weave in downtown, Hawarden, Iowa, is the place to go.  We are sure that you will find something as there is so much to look at.   There are a few other fabrics that could work if your piece is not being used on an everyday basis.  Twill and denim work great for those projects as well and In-Weave carries them too.  If you are using your furniture everyday, then it is best to stick with upholstery as it will hold up much better and last a long time.   


As we continue to show you new projects, we hope you are able to find the time to try some of them out.   We have been a having a great time coming up with ideas of what you can do with the different types of fabric.   

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