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We have been talking about the footstool that we posted last Wednesday.  A small item like this is great to begin with if you have not done much upholstering.  Believe in yourself and you can do it.  Whether it takes an hour or a day or more, all that matters is that you finish your project and accomplish something.  We know that some items are more in depth and so you just need to take it one step at a time. 


If you are looking for something durable for everyday use, upholstery fabric is the way to go.  It is made for that purpose and comes in so many colors and prints.  We have spoken how to cut your foam and wrap the quilt batting around it.  When you start stapling your fabric to the board start in each middle and then do a couple more staples to see if you are getting the upholstery nice and taut.  If not, pull your staples out and redo.  The corners are probably the most challenging as you want them to be really nicely rounded.  Work on them until you get the look you want and then put a staple in.  If your expectations of the finished corner are not what you wanted, then pull the staple out and redo it until you get that nice rounded corner.  Take your time and do not hurry. 


If you think your upholstery job isn't perfect, relax.  No one else knows what it originally looked like.  Only you did and as long as it is neatly done, no one knows the difference.    We found upholstering to be a lot of fun and not that difficult.  It was amazing how an old piece of furniture became like brand new.  Not only did it look like a brand new piece, but the new upholstery added so much to it. 

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