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Here it is Friday and if you are looking for something to do on the weekend, we have a great idea.  Try your hand at doing some upholstering.  The project we posted on Wednesday is very simple and great for a beginner.  Even if you have an item that is a little more in depth, take your time and make it to your liking.  


On Wednesday's project, the first piece of fabric that we took the staples out of was in good shape, however, if you have something like this and it is not, there are other types of fabric that can give you that finished look.   You could use a broadcloth, burlap, certain types of drapery or even upholstery for that matter.  In-Weave carries all of these different fabrics and be sure to check them out in Hawarden, Iowa. 


When you get past this first step, then the fun begins.  Check out the shape of the cushion and if it needs replacing, do so.  There are different depths of foam available and so you will want it to be the right thickness.  We not only replaced the foam but also used quilt batting and wrapped it around the foam to give our project a nice plush as well as giving the corners a nice rounded edge.  We cut the upholstery fabric a little bit bigger too.  It gave us a little extra to work with since we were replacing the foam and adding some batting as well.  You can always trim off the excess if it is not needed.  


We have had a few rainy days here and this is a great project when you can't be outside.  Don't be afraid to try something like upholstering.  It really is not hard and you can take your time on it.  It does not have to be done in one day as long as you achieve what you want.


Have a great weekend.

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