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Good to see you have been reading our blog.  Today we are going to get ready for tomorrow's first project. We will be using canvas and outdoor fabric and, of course, In-Weave carries both of these.  We are sure you will enjoy this and look forward to more.  Remember what we show you is only a suggestion of what you can do with these types of fabrics.  There are endless possibilities.  Please know that even though we are doing a project, you can always alter it to your specific needs or even make it easier, especially for a beginner. We know that you will be having a lot of fun and once it gets started, you will look forward to seeing what's new each week.  Have a positive attitude and do not become discouraged if a project looks too difficult. We will try our best to keep it simple and as we go along, there may be projects that will require a little more time to complete.  We want to include everyone's talents as best as we can from projects that are easy, intermediate or hard.  Looking forward to tomorrow and may you have a great day. 

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