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Hanging Hand Towel

Good evening to all.  We have been blogging about the hand towel these past few days.  Remember this is a very simple project and does not take a long time.  These hand towels make great gifts whether it be for a birthday, graduation, Christmas or any other event. 


When working with the terry chenille be sure that you only turn it over once as it will become too bulky if you try to do more.  Also when gathering, be sure to use a basting stitch and do approximately two to three times across.  The terry chenille does gather but it takes a little more stitching to do a nice gather.  Because it is thicker, be careful when pulling the threads to make the gather. 


You do not need to make your towel much bigger than a 15" x 15".  This makes it the perfect size when it is hanging from the drawer.   Tomorrow will be the last day that we will be blogging on this project.  Have a great evening

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