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Hanging Hand Towel

Good evening.  It has definitely been a beautiful day.  The weather was perfect and the trees are starting to blossom.  It is time to share another project with you.  Today we are going to be making a hanging hand towel.  A great place for this in the kitchen and can hang from the door handles in your kitchen.


For this project you will need:      3/8 yard Terry Chenille - Red

                                                    1/4 yard of 100% Cotton - Stars






Next you will make yourself a pattern piece out of newspaper on the design you would like.  We chose to do something very simple but you can make it any way you desire.




You will take your cotton and put the small end on the fold, pin and cut.  We cut a 15" piece square of the terry chenille.  Of course, this is the 3/8 yard and then you will need to measure off of your 60" wide piece.  We chose to run the lines of the terry chenille vertical. 




Now you will take and hem the sides and the bottom of the terry chenille.  All we did was turn it under and sew.  Nothing fancy.  If you try to turn it over 1/4" and then again, it will be come too bulky.  There is no need do this.




After you have done this, you will take your piece of cotton and sew, with right sides together, along each side leaving the wider end open.  Take this and invert.  Then press and press under 5/8" seam along the wide edge.   You will also take the terry chenille and baste along the top edge of the unhemmed piece.  Pull your thread carefully and gather to the size you need.  Take the terry chenille and put your cotton over this and pin, then carefully sew.






After this step is finished, you will measure and make your buttonhole and sew on your button.  When sewing the cotton to the terry chenille, we chose to do two stitches across but you can do whatever you wish.  We felt that this would reinforce it better for the expected everyday use.




You now have a hanging hand towel to use in the kitchen and add a little extra décor to your kitchen.




Have a great evening and we will be back tomorrow.

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