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I-Pad Over the Shoulder Bag

Good evening everyone.  We hope you have been checking out our blog and enjoying the projects that we have been posting.  Today we are going to show you another way to make this bag without the seams showing.  With all the technology out there, many of us not only have I-Pads but also tablets.  We  used a 7" tablet for this project and it works great for that also.   For this project, we chose 100% cotton camouflage fabric and flannel for the inside.



You will need the following:  1 piece of camouflage fabric 7 1/2" x 20 1/2"

                                          1 piece of flannel 7 1/2" x 20 1/2"

                                          2 1/2 yards of poly webbing






You are going to pin right sides together on the lengthwise edge.




You will then sew each side of the lengthwise edge 5/8" seam.




Invert your piece of fabric so that the right sides are showing on both.




Fold your bag in half with the flannel sides together and pin the edges.




You will top stitch from the top to the bottom on the sides.




You are going to press 5/8" seam on the top and insert your webbing making sure you do not twist it.  You will insert on opposite ends so that it is balanced when your tablet or I-Pad, whichever you are doing, are put inside.




You will top stitch the top edge being sure to catch the poly webbing.




This is how it will look after you have top stitched the sides and upper edge.  As you can see, there are no seams showing and this is another way to do this project.




Here is the finished project showing you how this works for a tablet as well and with no seams showing.


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