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I-Pad Over the Shoulder Bag

Here it is Wednesday already and we have another project to post.  This week we are going to be making an I-Pad Case Holder which goes over the shoulder.  The I-Pads have become very popular and we thought this would be of interest to many of you.  We are going to be using ultra leather upholstery fabric and 100% cotton flannel.  This will take approximately an hour to make, maybe a little longer for those you are not advanced sewers.


You will need the following:  1/3 yard of ultra leather upholstery

                                          1/3 yard of 100% cotton flannel

                                          1 1/2 yards of poly webbing






To being this project you will need to cut a 12" x 13 1/2" piece of the ultra leather upholstery and a 12" x 13 1/2" piece of flannel.






With right sides together, you will pin the two pieces of fabric.  When pinning the two pieces together, you are going to put the poly webbing inside and insert on the short end of the piece putting your webbing in the seam allowance approximately 1" on opposite sides.  Be sure your webbing is not twisted.   Your webbing will be inside between the two pieces.





You are now ready to sew the shorter ends of each piece.  Remember at this point you have right sides together.




Sew your end pieces 5/8" seam allowance. 




Next, you will now invert and should have both right sides showing.




Fold your lengthwise piece in half with the flannel side on the outside and the ultra leather on the inside.  You will pin the sides together.




Now sew your sides from the top to the bottom, 5/8" seam allowance.




Before you invert your bag, trim the corners a little so that it is not bulky.  You should now have the ultra leather on the outside and the flannel on the inside.




Next you will top stitch along the upper edge to finish off the bag and make it lay nice.




Here is what it will look like after you top stitch along the upper edge.



Here is a view of the inside.  We did trim back the ultra leather a bit but that is all we did.




You now have a case holder for your I Pad.




This project may look difficult but it is not.  We chose the ultra leather as it is very soft and easy to care for.  You definitely want a soft fabric for the inside as your I-Pad is going to be touching this and you do not want it to scratch.  We chose flannel as it is very soft.  Also you will need to determine the length of your poly webbing as we are all different in height. 


In case you do not like the seam allowance showing on the sides, in a few days we will give you another option which will hide the seam allowances.  

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