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Ice Auger Cover

Ice fishing is a great experience for those who enjoy it.  We do not want to exclude those of you who love to go ice fishing, so we have done a cover for the ice auger.   Having your equipment ready and safe is an important part of preparing for this sport.  Covering the ice auger protects the blades and also keeps you safe from harm. 


This project will take approximately an hour and a half.  It is not hard to sew, just a basic stitch.  We chose the camouflage fabric which is easy to sew and easy to care for.  The batting inside the fabric gives it a little extra cushion as well.   We are not sure if ice augers come in different sizes so you will want to be sure to measure first before cutting your fabric.  


You will see that we did not make a fancy casing for the cording as it would become too thick and bulky if we did.  Be sure to pink the seams so that the fabric does not fray.  If you have a serger, then you can certainly serge the seams instead.  It does not need to be perfect.  It is to cover an ice auger, not something you are using in home décor.  This is what makes sewing fun as there are no worries about having to be a perfectionist.   Have a great evening. 

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