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Ice Auger Cover

Since the snow and cold have arrived we know those who love to go ice fishing are just waiting for the lakes to freeze over good.  Our project for the week will be an ice auger cover.  This is a great way to keep your ice auger clean and ready when it is time to go out on the ice.


First you will need to measure your ice auger in length and width.  Ours measured 11" x 34".




For our project we needed the following:           1 yard of camouflage fabric

                                                                     2/3 yard of batting


                                                                     1 yard cording




You will take your camouflage fabric and open it flat and cut it in half.  You will end up with two pieces that are 30" x 36".




You will take the batting and cut two pieces that are 12" x 36" as well.




Now take your piece of camouflage fabric and put the batting in between.




Pin all three sides.  You will not need to pin the side with the fold.




You will sew all three sides.




After you have finished both pieces, you will then sew each piece to secure the batting so it will not bundle up inside if you would decide to wash this in the future.  You will go from one side to the other creating an "x" pattern.




When you have finished the piece it should look like this.




Take the two pieces and pin them together.  You will have all right sides so decide which part of the pattern you want on the outside.




Sew on the three sides leaving one of the smaller sides open.  This is where you will make a casing.




After you have done this, trim your seams.  We did not have a serger sewing machine so we pinked the seams to keep them from raveling.




Now turn the edge and pin it.  This is where you will create the casing for the cording.




Take and sew this but remember to leave approximately a 2" opening so you can run your cording through.




Lay your ice auger down so you can put the cover over it carefully.




Now your ice auger is covered and ready to go when the ice is thick enough.




Enjoy your ice fishing experience.

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