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Infinity Scarf

Good evening and we are posting a new project today.  We have chosen to do an infinity scarf.  These are not difficult to make and are very popular right now.   You will need fabric that is approximately 58" to 60" wide.  Today we chose to use a sweater knit that is very dressy and nice for the fall and winter time.


For this project you will need the following:    1/2 yard of fabric





To begin, you will take your fabric and lay it lengthwise with right sides together and pin.




You will then sew your piece but leave approximately 3" open on each end.




This is what it should look like after you have sewn the lengthwise side of your scarf.  You will note that each end has its 3" not sewn.




Invert your scarf at this point.




Next you will pin right sides together of each end being careful not to catch any extra fabric.






Being very careful not to catch any fabric, sew 5/8" seam around.




When you finish sewing the end piece, pull on the scarf and it will lay itself out.






Now you will take and pin the 6" opening of your scarf.




Your last step is to slip stitch the opening.




Your scarf is finished and ready to be worn.


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