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Lined Drapery Panels

Good evening to all.  We are going to be starting our project tonight, however, we will not be showing any pictures for the moment.  We are having difficulties in transferring so hopefully we can add those tomorrow. 

To begin, you will need the following:   Drapery Fabric

                                                         Drapery Lining Fabric

                                                             (In our case, we are using the black out lining.)


You are going to take your drapery fabric and cut your selvedges nice and even so you have a nice looking edge on each side. 

Next, you will turn your fabric over and then over again and press so that you will have a nice finished edge.  In our case, the length of our window does not give us much allowance in the drapery fabric that we chose, however, this fabric compliments the décor we are wanting to match.  So you would normally make a 3" to 4" hem, however, in our case, that will not happen as our curtain will be too short.  We are actually going to cheat and use the white selvedge, as you will hopefully see tomorrow, and make our hem based on that. 

We were limited as there is no more of the fabric that we chose.  We took it all so we have very little room for error.  In a normal situation, we would suggest that you always get a little more so you have that room for error.  It is always better to have more than not enough.

You will press your hem so that you can pin it easily and then sew along the edge nice and even.  This is where we will end for tonight as we do not want to get ahead of showing you the steps.  Hopefully we will have this resolved tomorrow and we can post those pictures so you can follow along better.  As the saying goes, technology is great when it works. 

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