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Lined Drapery Panels

Good evening and sorry we missed you yesterday.  Last week we discussed the amount of gather that you would want for your drapery.  Today we are going to discuss how you are going to hang your drapery.  Are you going to go with a pocket casing, tabs, grommets, or something else?  This is where you will need to know especially if your fabric has certain restrictions.  Your fabric may be too heavy or maybe it is too lightweight.  For example, you would not want to put grommets in a lace fabric.  Before we start, you will need to decide on the fabric that you want for your drapery.  There are many options available such as lace, sheers, taffetas, burnout sheers, jacquard drapery and more.  You will also need to consider if you are hanging your fabric right below the window edge or are you going to the floor with it.  These are all things to be considered when picking out your drapery.  Remember that some have a specific pattern that need to be followed.  If it does, it may require extra yardage.  Be back tomorrow.

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