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Little Girl's Backpack

Good evening.  Sorry we missed blogging last night so we are blogging tonight.   We posted the little girl's backpack on Thursday evening and hope you have had a chance to check it out.  Remember that when we post a project, you can certainly alter to fit your needs as you see fit.   We made this for a little girl but if you have an older daughter, you can make this larger.  If you are making this for a special person, then be sure to measure for the straps so you know how long to make them.  We used the pre-quilted pink gingham as this gives it a nice plush.  For the inside, we used a pre-sewn patchwork cotton that complimented so well.  If you would rather just use a plain cotton or another cotton print, you may certainly do that. 


When making your pattern, take your time to decide how big or small you want the backpack.  Using newspaper or craft paper is a great way to cut out a pattern.  You have the ability to pin it that way to see if it is the size you want.  This would also be cute for the 18" American Dolls that are out there.  You would have to cut it a little smaller to fit them.  Have fun creating.  Enjoy the weekend and we will be back Monday.

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