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Little Girl's Backpack

Good evening.  We are going to post a new project today.  We have decided to show you how to make a little girl's backpack. 


For this project you will need:    1/2 yard of quilted pink gingham

                                               1/2 yard of coordinating fabric (pink cotton quilt squares)


                                               1 Button




We made our own pattern.  To do this, you can use newspaper or craft paper.  Design your own backpack.  Our pieces were 8 1/4" x 12 1/4", 8 1/4" x 16" and straps were 3" x 15 1/4". 



Now take your pattern pieces and lay them out on your fabric, pin and cut.






Take your straps and pin. 



Sew your strap on the lengthwise and then invert.




Now you will take the quilted pink gingham and pin the straps from the bottom and sides. 




Now sew the sides and bottom.  Be sure to leave the top open.




Now take the other coordinating fabric and do the same.  You will not have the straps on this piece.




Next with right sides together, you will pin around the top and the flap.




Now you will stitch all the way around but be sure to leave approximately 4" open so that you can invert.




Take and invert your backpack.




Now you will position where you want to put the button and sew it in place before topstitching.




Now you will top stich all the way around.  Next you will position to make a buttonhole.




You have now finished your little girl's backpack.






Enjoy and have fun making this backpack.

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