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Minky Blanket

Good evening and hope your day was a great one.  It is time for us to post our new project for the week.  We chose to do a minky blanket since we are nearing those fall and winter seasons.  For this blanket, it will take you approximately 1  1/2 hours to do or a little longer if you are not an advanced sewer.  Do not be discouraged, it just means that it may take you a little longer to do. 



You will need the following:             1 1/2 yards of a minky print

                                                     1 1/2 yards of another minky print, we chose a plain 



You can get a little more of the one that is going to be on the bottom, in this case it would be the plain.




To begin, you will trim your blanket as you will be putting wrong sides together.   The top piece will be a little smaller and the bottom piece larger. 




You will fold  1 1/4" under and then fold another 1 1/4" to create a border effect.  Make sure to pin the minky otherwise, when you are sewing, it will slip.




When you get to the corners, square them off.  If you have too much bulk, you can trim some of that away.




Next sew around your blanket. 




Your corners will look like this when you are finished. 




You are almost finished.  Now take each corner and slip stitch the edge.




You have a soft minky blanket ready to use on those cool evenings.


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