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Minky Pillow

Sorry we were not able to post our project yesterday but here it is today.  We have chosen to do a minky pillow which could also be used as a pillow sham.  This takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour depending on your sewing expertise.


For this project you will need the following:       1 yard Minky (we picked the reptile minky)

                                                                     1 pillow form (we used a standard size pillow)





First you will need to open your fabric and cut off excess.  In this case, we used the 60" width of the minky for the longest part of the pillow form.




Next take your fabric and bring it up on both sides to center it in the middle.




Now you will turn 1/4" under on the short ends to give it a nice finish and pin.




Sew each end.




You will now take one side and bring to the middle with right sides together and pin.




Sew each side 5/8" seam.




Next you will take the other side and do the same.  Make sure it overlays on the other piece.  Pin in place.






Now sew both sides making sure they overlap the other side you just did.




Trim your seams and invert your minky pillow case.




Take your pillow and slip it into the minky pillow case and you have a super soft and luxurious pillow.  This can be used for a pillow sham as well.







Have a great evening.

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