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Minky Scarf

Good evening.  We are posting a new project today which is the minky scarf.  This is a very simple and easy project and will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  This is a great project for those who are learning to sew. 


You will need:      1/2 yard of minky - we chose the reptile cream colored minky





You will fold this in half lengthwise so your scarf will be 60" long and even it out.  You will then pin right sides together.  Be sure to use plenty of pins so the minky will not shift for you.




Now you will sew 5/8" seam but leave approximately a 4" opening so that you can invert your scarf.




After you have sewn this, trim the corners and invert your scarf.  Next you will pin the opening.




Slip stitch the opening.




You now have a beautiful scarf ready to wear which will accent your coat as well as keep you nice and warm.


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