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Minky Wrap Shawl

Good evening and we hope you all had a great day.  This is the last day we will be blogging on the minky wrap shawl.  With special occasions coming up like prom, this would make your outfit complete.  We chose to do 2/3 yard but you could certainly do less depending on who you are making this for.  As we said before, you can choose to do this with a button and loop closure but you don't have to.


If you have tried this, we hope have enjoyed this project.  If this was not one you cared for, check out our past projects.  We are sure there is one that will spark the interest.  If you have not pulled out your sewing machine in a while, do so.  It is great for these cold days.  It makes the winter go by faster when you have something to sew. 

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