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Minky Wrap Shawl

We hope you have been following our project that was posted this week.  With the minky wrap shawl, this would be a great idea for those winter weddings, valentine events or prom.  This not only adds elegance to your outfit but gives you a little warmth as well.  You can make it any width that you want, we did 2/3 yard.  Since the minky is 60" wide, we left that as the length.  If you are a petite person, you may want to shorten that a bit. 


In our project, we added a button and loop so you would not have to hold on to it.  If you want your minky wrap shawl to just hang around your arms, you could omit those steps.   The minky is very rich looking.  So no matter how you wish to wear it, it will definitely give spark to your outfit. 


Have a great weekend and we will be back on Monday.

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