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Omaha Fashion Week

 With only a week until Omaha Fashion Week, I thought I would give you an inside look at what I am working on!

            This past November, I traveled to Omaha, NE to reapply to be a designer for Spring 2013 Omaha Fashion Week. Taking my design inspirations and mood boards I interviewed for two collections, my personal line Caine by Caine Westergard and again as the designer for Jeff Hanson.  I received the call that both lines were accepted and work has been well underway since!

            Every time I travel to Omaha for rack check-ins or model fittings, the OFW producers always ask me where I get my fabric. Several times, New York City fabric stores have come to sell to the designers and I always reply that I get my fabric at InWeave. Many times the producers have thought that I purchased my fabric from one of these New York vendors because of the variety and quality of my fabric but I always remind them that I purchased my fabric at InWeave. One of the producers even pulled me aside and told me that I had a gold mine in Northwest Iowa with a factory fabric outlet store like InWeave!

            Using all of my InWeave fabrics, the final garment count is 8 dresses for the line designed by Jeff Hanson and I and 4 dresses, 4 skirts and 4 sweaters for my personal line. Designing two completely different lines with over 20 pieces and still having enough fabric variety to show off each line is incredible! My line, Caine by Caine Westergard will take to the runway on Friday, March 1st and the line Jeff Hanson and I designed will hit the runway on Saturday, March 2nd! After next weekend I will be able to release the photos of my designs and I cannot wait! Stayed tuned on Facebook, Twitter and InWeave’s blog to see incredible things that can be made from fabric! One week until showtime!!






This is a look at the Westergard Sweatshop! Sewing machines, sergers, mannequins and fabric included!! 

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