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Pillow Case

Good evening.  As stated yesterday, we are posting our pillow case project today.  This is a very simple version for a pillow case and you can change it if you desire.  This should take no more than an hour for you to sew.


To begin this project you will need the following:    1 1/4 yards of 102" Percale Sheeting 

                                                                                  (This is enough fabric for 2 pillow cases.)





We are making this for a standard size pillow.  So you are going to cut out a piece that is approximately 22" wide and 36" long.  Remember that if you are going with a queen or king size pillow, you will need to adjust your size. 




You will pin right sides together on each side.




Next sew each side 5/8" seam.




Now you will turn over 1/4" seam and sew.  This is on the short end of the pillow case.  The other end is on the fold.




After doing this, you will turn over again approximately 3" to 3 1/2" and sew.




After you have gone all the way around, you will invert your pillow case and sew another stitching approximately 1/8" to give it a nice finish.




You now have a pillow case ready to add to your set.


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