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Pillow Case

Good evening everyone.  Well it looks like winter has not left.  We were all starting to feel Spring in the air.  We have been gone a few days and we are back.  We are talking about the pillow case and we will be posting that tomorrow.  This will be the last part of this segment as it will complete the queen size sheet set.  Sewing a pillow case is not difficult and it is a great project for a beginner to sew.  We will be doing a very simple pillow case.  If you are an advanced sewer, you can certainly add a little pizzazz by adding some complimentary colors. 


Do not be hesitant to start any project.  If it is something that is a little more difficult, it doesn't matter.  You are not on a time crunch.   Just take it one step at a time and you will do fine.  We will be back tomorrow with the posting of our project.  Have a safe and warm evening.

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