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Pillow with Trim

Hope you have all had a great day.  The weather sure has been nice these past few days.  We are starting off with a new project today and we are doing a pillow with a trim around it.  This project will take approximately 1 1/2 hours or a little longer for the inexperienced sewer. 


For the project we needed the following:     1 Pillow Form (14" x 14")

                                                               1/2 yard of Upholstery Fabric

                                                               1 2/3 yards of Trim





You will begin by cutting two pieces of upholstery fabric to the size needed.  We chose to do a 14" x 14" pillow but you can certainly do any size that you would like.


Next you will pin the trim that you chose to the right side of your upholstery fabric.




You will sew carefully around the entire square.  We chose to use a zipper foot to sew this as this particular trim was fairly bulky and that worked best for us.




After you have sewn all round the square piece,  you will then pin right sides together and sew this.  We continued using the zipper foot to do this.




Remember not to sew all around the piece as you will have to invert your pillow and put a form inside or you can use stuffing, whichever you prefer.  We left approximately an 8" part open to put the form in.  




Next you will pin this piece together.




You will now slip stitch this shut.




Here is a pillow with a trim all ready to go on your sofa or chair.


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