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Rocking Chair

We hope you have been following our projects posted each Wednesday.  Today we are going to continue with the rocking chair.  We did forget to mention that if your chair has a foam cushion rather than a batting, you will need to determine if it is still good enough as is or if you need to replace it.  Remember you can wrap a little quilt batting around the foam to give more plush rather than replacing it if it's not too bad.


We are at the step now where you are going to center your piece of fabric onto the cushion.  This is where your tacks come into the picture.  What we did was to put one tack on each side and then made sure that the pattern was where we wanted it to be.  After that step, you then can began tacking down the fabric.  We did not put the new tacks in the old spots as you do not want it to come loose.  Be very careful as it doesn't take much to miss the tack and hit the finger with the hammer which can be very painful.  We staggered the tacks rather than keeping them all in one row.    


Once you have done each side, then you are ready to do the corners.  The corners can be tricky so take your time and work with them until you get the look you want.  Now you will need the larger tacks as you will have more fabric to go through than when doing the sides.  Once you have this step finished, you are almost done.  


On the cushion we were doing, they finished off the front and back with a trim.  The sides will be inside the frame of the rocking chair so there is no trim needed.  We chose something that would blend without being noticed.  You could also use what they call an upholstery tack tape.  Either choice would work just fine.  Your cushion is now finished and you are ready to put it back in its proper place. 


Have a good evening.

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